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Brooke Johnson is an African-American voice actress residing in the New England area of the United States. With a youthful voice that can be manipulated to fit characters from children to young adults, she has provided several clients with excellent service since starting her career.Over the years, Brooke has trained with many notable coaches to be at her current level of expertise, some of which are CrispĂ­n Freeman, Mami Okada, and Jose Sandoval. Her work can be seen on platforms such as Nintendo Switch, Steam, Prime Video, and Webtoon advertisements displayed on YouTube.When not pursuing voice acting, Brooke is well-known amongst family and friends as an extremely energetic person. She often enjoys volleyball and tennis as a way to release her energy and to meet new friends on the court, and during the night, you can often hear her yelling as she combats enemies during Dungeons and Dragons.